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Foam mats

dalle mousse bleue 


LUDI gives new life to foam mats via lively and previously unseen shades, funny and exclusive animals, etc. As a play mat, or playpen mattress, the foam mats keep out the cold and cushion shocks. For additional comfort, LUDI's tiles also offer sound insulation properties. Consequently, it is an ideal play surface on which children can blossom in complete safety. The foam mats can also be used outside on a flat and non-slippery surface.

tapis animaux 1005Animal foam mat
Ref 10006
fond parc carre 1015Square foam playpen carpet
Ref 1015
dalles baby 1011Baby foam puzzle pieces
Ref 1011
dalles animaux 1010Foam puzzle pieces with animals
Ref 10005
tapis uni 1009Single-colour foam puzzle pieces
Ref 10004
dalles lettres chiffres 1006Foam puzzle pieces with letters
and numbers - Ref 1006
basic lettres 1054Basic letter-themed foam mat
Ref 1054
basic chiffres 1053Basic number-themed foam mat
Ref 1053
basic fruits 1052Basic fruit-themed foam mat
Ref 1052
basic transport 1051Basic transport-themed foam mat
Ref 1051
basic animaux 1050Basic animal-themed foam mat
Ref 1050
10007Giant Foam Play Mat Set
Ref 10007
tapis chat 10003"Cat" decorative foam mat
Ref 10003
tapis lapin 10002"Rabbit" decorative foam mat
Ref 10002
tapis ours 10001"Bear" decorative foam mat
Ref 10001
10008Large XXL Foam Play Mat
Ref 10008

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LUDI, French brand to JBM, child care and toy market specialist.
For child since birth to height years old.

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