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Anti-UV Protection Tent Abribaby - Ref. 90011



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Your baby is well-protected… and can even splash!

Suitable for new-borns and up, the Baby Shelter makes it possible for your baby to play outdoors safely and to explore the joys that water brings!
The tent's UV50 top protects babies from the sun's rays and the wind as they play with the 6 multicoloured balls. Whatever the surface (sand, grass, stone, etc.), it insulates your baby from the ground so that they can comfortably enjoy activities.
Add a trickle of water and transform the tent into a wading pool! Your baby will love to splash and cool down during beautiful summer days.

Designed for family trips

The Baby Shelter only requires a few manipulations to set up. Simply slide in the foam roll (included) and Bob's your uncle! This portable product folds up in a flash and is stored in its carrying bag. It is convenient for enjoying holidays or family week-ends on the beach with your baby!

Going to the beach with your baby? Safety first!

Toddlers are very sensitive to hot weather, so it is important to regularly hydrate them and monitor their thermoregulation system. During hot summer days, the Baby Shelter is ideal for regulating your baby's temperature under the watchful eye of their parents. Caution! Never leave your child unsupervised and for optimal protection, always protect your child from the sun (hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, clothing).

Suitable for use by new-borns.
Dimensions: 80 x 80 x 70 cm.
100% polyester.
Easy to clean using a damp cloth.
6 balls (6 cm diameter)
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safety rouge
For optimal protection, protect your child from the sun (hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, clothing ...).
play bleu
Add some small bath toys of all colors to play the sprinkler!
tricks orange
Use the paddling pool anywhere (at home, on the road, etc.), with or without water, but always on the ground on a flat surface.

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