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Washable Sea Sprayers - Ref 40055



bain bleu

Fun for little ones, easy to wash!

Three fun squirt toys to combine! Babies never get tired of playing with water and will love these fun sprinkler toys! These soft silicone sprayers can be disassembled, nested and mixed to create new fun characters! Another advantage of these sprinklers is that they open: you can easily dry each part of the toy and avoid mildew deposits.

For playing with water and chewing. These simple little bath toys float and have a water squirting hole. Their funny design, specially developed for small hands, is made of soft and resistant silicone to massage the gums of babies who like to chew on them. They ensure the safety of children as there are no small parts included which could be swallowed.

Let's get the stories going! While discovering these 3 marine animals, Baby will be able to engage in beautiful water battles! These entertaining little toys allow children to develop their dexterity and imagination. As they grow up, they begin to recognise the colours, the names of the animals and then create their own story. The bath becomes a truly relaxing and pleasurable experience!

For perfect hygiene, these toys are dishwasher safe. To avoid mould deposits, you can disassemble them and let them dry. 

Suitable for children from 10 months
Composition: 100% silicone.
In compliance with regulations, all flexible plastic materials are phthalate-free.
Regularly wash with clean water and drain the toys after use.


tricks orange
Put all your bath toys away in a blink of an eye in a large net storage unit! Strong and large without being too bulky, the basket will allow children throwing small toys.
play bleu
Use the toys at the pool, at the beach or for all other outdoor activities with Baby!

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For child since birth to height years old.

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