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Musical Cuddly Toy - Ref 30048



jeu eveil bleu

An ideal night time companion for toddlers!

Just pull the string and a gentle lullaby will soothe baby. Suitable for babies from birth, this friendly cuddly toy is the toddlers' favourite companion and will quickly become part of their sleeping routine. Soft and tender, the Galopin rabbit contributes to the peaceful sleep of your baby and yours!

The ideal sleep lullaby: Pull on the ring to activate Johannes Brahms' beautiful "Lullaby" song. The melody will calm and reassure baby who can fall asleep safely. Eventually, baby will understand that he or she can also grab and pull the ring to trigger the melody. Without realizing it, these small movements will over time enable improved dexterity.

A cuddly toy that doesn’t get lost: thanks to its attachments, Galopin can be fixed directly to the cradle or the crib. It can also be attached to the stroller and car seat, making it perfect for adapting to your baby's bedtime routine at home or on the move.

Made of soft fabric, Galopin the rabbit will become the ideal companion for all toddlers at night and at bedtime!

Suitable for children from birth.
Fabric composition: cotton and polyester.
Washable with a damp cloth.


easier bleu
You can tidy baby’s toys in the pop-up play area, an other toybox.
comfort rouge
It’s time to play! Place a foam mat to keep baby off the floor and to absorb is shock.

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LUDI, French brand to JBM, child care and toy market specialist.
For child since birth to height years old.

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