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Mini Van - Ref 30049



jeu eveil bleu

Let's hop in the van!

All aboard! The little animals are going on an adventure in Ludi's mini van! This toy is a fabric car on plastic wheels. Pushed, pulled or grabbed, this original vehicle helps to develop motor skills and to control strength by learning how to use the right force. Ergonomic, lightweight and easy to handle, it is easy to use and develops the dexterity of the little ones.

The reverse-friction system is still a great hit! Rub the wheels of the van on the ground and let it go! The small car will drive away on its own and collide with obstacles along the way.... Great fun and laughter guaranteed!

A well thought-out car! Made of padded fabric, the van withstands even rough treatment and is ready for the biggest safaris! Intrigued by its bright colours and the sound of crinkly paper, Baby will like to touch and play with it. The padded part prevents small injuries!

Suitable for children oer 18 months of age.
Fabric part cold machine washable (30°C).
Small wheels washable with a damp cloth.
100% polyester composition.


easier bleu
You can tidy baby’s toys in the pop-up play area, an other toybox.
comfort rouge
It’s time to play! Place a foam mat to keep baby off the floor and to absorb is shock.

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LUDI, French brand to JBM, child care and toy market specialist.
For child since birth to height years old.

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