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Soft Toy Tourbillon - Ref 30052



jeu eveil bleu

Lovely oh-so-soft plush cuddly blanket, ideal for cuddles and a great birthday gift idea!

The “Tourbillon the donkey” cuddly toy is a cute, soft cuddly blanket, ideal for cuddling and a great gift idea for a baby! Tourbillon is a donkey that loves hugs and knows how to give Baby all the tenderness, gentleness and comfort he or she needs.

This endearing little character will accompany baby all throughout the day until bedtime. Designed for being gripped by baby's little hands, the "handkerchief" blanket is easy to handle and ideally adapted to nursing.

For playtime, the cuddly toy can also be used as a hand puppet. A little tip: attach your baby's soother to one of the blankets corner knots so that it is always at hand and never far from your child!

Suitable for children from birth.
Machine washable at 30°C
Also available are the cuddly toys "Paillette la bichette" and “Galopin the rabbit”.


easier bleu
You can tidy baby’s toys in the pop-up play area, an other toybox.
tricks orange
Handy hint: attach baby's dummy to one of the knots of the plush cuddly blanket so that it is never far from your child!

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LUDI, French brand to JBM, child care and toy market specialist.
For child since birth to height years old.

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