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Sport and Outdoor

sport bleu


LUDI’s Sports and Outdoors range offers activities which allow children to work off some energy and large, bright play areas which give them free rein to develop. The toys designed to develop motor skills help children learn how to move and balance. This product line provides an opportunity for children to play in the fresh air and have a great time discovering new skills.
piscine pop up 90002
Pop-up ball pool
Ref 90002
parcours de jeu 90004
Trio of pop-up games
Ref 90004
tapis sports loisirs
Sport and leisure tiles
Ref 90007
sac 250 balles 90006
Extra bag of 250 game balls
Ref 90006
piscine gonflable 90003
Inflatable ball pool
Ref 90003
cube multisport 90001
Sport cube pool
Ref 90001
chien sauteur jaune 2778
"Yellow" Bouncing dog
Ref 2778
chien sauteur rose 2777
"Pink" Bouncing dog
Ref 2777
chien sauteur bleu 2776
"Blue" Bouncing dog
Ref 2776
ballon motricite bleu 2785
"Blue" exercise ball
Ref 2785
ballon motricite rose 2784
"Pink" exercise ball
Ref 2784
ballon motricite ovale 2783
"Oval" exercise ball
Ref 2783
balon sauteur XXL 2782
"Orange" space hopper
Ref 2782
balon sauteur rose 2780
"Pink" space hopper
Ref 2780
balon sauteur bleu 2781
"Blue" space hopper
Ref 2781
licorne 90008
My bouncing unicorn
Ref 90008
cube a balles 2845"Butterfly" ball pen cube
Ref 2845
aire jeu gonflable mer 2842"Sea" Inflatable play area
Ref 2842
ma cabane cottage 5210"Cottage" Pop-up house
Ref 5210
balles de jeu verte 30023"Green" game balls
Ref 30023
balles de jeu assortiment rouge 30013"Red" game balls
Ref 30013
balles de jeu assortiment transparentes pastel 30016"Transparent" game balls
Ref 30016
balles de jeu assortiment mixte 2798"Assorted" game balls
Ref 2798
balles de jeu assortiment bleu 2794"Blue" Game balls
Ref 2794
balles de jeu assortiment rose 2793"Pink" game balls
Ref 2793

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LUDI, French brand to JBM, child care and toy market specialist.
For child since birth to height years old.

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