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Modular play mat - Ref. 20011



tapis aire eveil

Never waste a chance to have fun!

This clever, 3-in-1 mat is perfect for babies and can be adjusted to suit their growing needs and abilities. As your child grows, you can change it around or combine it with the awakening panel to make a pop-up play area. A clever play mat that babies will use right up until they start walking!

3-in-1 playmat!

During their first few months, most babies spend a lot of their time lying on their backs. This comfortable, soft play mat gives them somewhere to play and rest under the watchful eye of their parents. Set up the arch with its hanging sensory activities – the wide base makes it extra stable. Or remove the arch and you have a play area to share those special moments with your child!

The arch has 3 early learning activities for your baby to enjoy: crinkly paper feather, cloud rattle, and a flat mirror to attach to the bottom of the arch to encourage babies to turn their heads.

This special early learning play mat is designed to stimulate your little one’s fine motor skills!

In no time at all your baby will start to enjoy being on their tummy – this position brings the muscles of the upper body into play and helps to develop physical abilities. Soon baby will be learning to roll over, crawl and sit up. That’s when you can set up the awakening panel and attach it to the mat with the ties. The arch’s removable activities hanging from the centre panel are sure to awaken baby’s curiosity.

After a few months, your baby will have learnt to sit up and crawl. Now it’s time to unfold the awakening panels to make a pop-up play area! Make sure the mat is at the bottom of the miniature playpen, for added comfort and safety. Lastly, attach the removable activities to the loops provided. Hey presto! A place where your baby can play with their favourite toys! Its handy size takes up less space around the house – but there’s still plenty of room for two children to giggle and play!

From portable play area to handy carry-bag!

The lightweight, pop-up structure is really easy to set up and fold away again. Then just put it in the middle of the play mat with the arch, fold down the sides and tie them in place with the ties provided. There’s even a little handle, so it’s really easy to take it all with you when enjoying a holiday or weekend break with your baby!

Suitable for children from birth.
Size of mat: 82 x 2 x 87 cm.
Size of play area: 90 x 80 x 30 cm.
Size of arch : 80 x 50 x 35 cm.
SIze of pop-up modular playmat : 90 x50 x 87 cm.


comfort rouge
For infants able to crawl, we recommend that parents keep their child within sight, as the soft sides of the play area will not keep them in.
enjoy orange
Add multicoloured game balls! Are ideal as a finishing touch to your play area or for making a ball pool!
creative bleu
Make a little nest by putting the padded mat at the bottom of the play area, then slide the arch and all its activities into place. A comfy, cosy cocoon for your baby!


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LUDI, French brand to JBM, child care and toy market specialist.
For child since birth to height years old.

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