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All children love pretending to be grown-ups and imitating them, and LUDI provides the perfect stage! Do a bit of shopping, pull out all the stops, play at being a star. This range recreates the backdrops for the events which children observe in their everyday life and lets them role-play.

From a very young age, children start to imitate everyone around them. Role-play toys allow children to understand the world around them and to feel part of it. This pretend play helps them understand the relationships between individuals and their social roles – an essential tool for children’s integration into society. All the everyday situations imitated by the child will provide them with opportunities to learn how people interact.

Activities which develop sharing, imagination and social skills!

tente princesse 5204I play to the "Princess"
Ref 60004
tente savane 5203I play to the "Adventurer"
Ref 5203
je joue a la star 60003I play to a "Star"
Ref 60003
je joue a la marchande 60002I play to "My little market"
Ref 60002
decor pop up ecole 5255I play to "School"
Ref 5255
je joue au theatre 60001I play to the "Grand Theatre"
Ref 60001

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LUDI, French brand to JBM, child care and toy market specialist.
For child since birth to height years old.

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