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LUDI games allow young children to get used to new concepts such as distance, the passage of time, seasons, numbers, letters, or even being able to match a word to their moods... All while having fun! Our product line allows children to begin to comprehend and to express the world around them.

calendrier basic semainier S2004Basic "week" calendar
Ref S2004
panneau calendrier horloge rose 2116Calendrie"Pink clock" calendar
Ref 2116
panneau calendrier horloge bleue 2115"Blue clock" calendar
Ref 2115
panneau calendrier basic bleu 2096Basic "blue" calendar
Ref 2096
panneau calendrier basic rose 2095Basic "pink" calendar
Ref 2095
panneau calendrier basic bleu 2096The fabric panel "yesterday, today, tomorrow"
Ref 50001
cubes magique lapin 30007
"Rabbit" magic cube
Ref 30007
dalles lettres chiffres 1006Foam puzzle pieces with letters
and numbers - Ref 1006
basic chiffres 1053Basic number-themed foam mat
Ref 1053
lettres et chiffres 2231
Foam letters and numbers
Ref 2231
basic lettres 1054Basic letter-themed foam mat
Ref 1054

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LUDI, French brand to JBM, child care and toy market specialist.
For child since birth to height years old.

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