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1st educative bath toys

bain bleu


From 6 months, babies become more adventurous and want to explore their environment. Bath time is a privileged moment of relaxation and complicity. Perfect for having fun discovering the effects of water and learning to develop dexterity, the concept of cause and effect, enrich vocabulary, etc.
Round stackers LUDI
Round stackers
Ref 40008
Aqua game
Aqua game
Ref 40009
Puffer fish LUDI
Puffer fish
Ref 40010
Large basketball hoop
Nesting buckets
Ref 40057
Large basketball hoop
Bath coloring book
Ref 40058
Large basketball hoop
Magic egg
Ref 40060
Large basketball hoop
Ref 40059
Large basketball hoop
Ref 40063

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LUDI, French brand to JBM, child care and toy market specialist.
For child since birth to height years old.

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