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Dino bath toy set - Ref 40071




A great big bath set to explore what water can do!

Check out this great water play set for bath time fun! The set includes a big, smiley dinosaur, tubes and funnels to put together in lots of different ways and a squirting baby dino.

Fill the dinosaur’s cup with water, and as it runs through it will pour out of its mouth and turn the water wheel! Pour water into the shell and watch as little raindrops fall out underneath! The squirting baby dinosaur is specially designed for little hands, so that little ones can have fun squirting themselves with water!

A toy that grows with baby

The water circuit comprises a whole network of pipes complete with taps and many other activities for exploring the effects of water. When the child pours the water into the reservoir and turns on the taps, the whole circuit activates!

The 9 parts are interchangeable and allow children to create their own circuit. As they grow, they’ll love to think about how to design and build unusual configurations of their water circuit. An imaginary world.

A clever play set

Robust and easy-to-use, the dino and the water circuit can be taken apart to make separate toys. The activities have suction pads so that they can easily be fixed to the bathroom tiles or the side of the bath.

Once attached to the side of the bath, this toy can be used as soon as baby can sit up by themselves in a bath ring. It’s a toy that’s sure to captivate little ones, stimulating both their imagination and their dexterity. Handy hint: remember to clean the suction cups thoroughly and attach them to a clean, smooth surface.

For children aged 10 months and over.
Size of dinosaur: 9.5 x 24.5 x 17,3 cm.
Size of water circuit: 28 x 23 x 9 cm.
Composition of dinosaur: 100% Polypropylene.
Composition of water circuit: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS).
Composition of squirter: 100% PVC.
Drain toys after use and regularly rinse/wash with clean water.


tricks orange
Clean the suction cups and attach them to a clean, smooth surface.
play bleu
Put all your bath toys away in a blink of an eye!
play bleu
Once attached to the bathtub wall, this toy can be used as soon as baby can sit up by themselves in the bath.

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