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Sensory ball

jeu eveil bleu 


Sensory balls can be used to play lots of different games. Ridged or bumpy, big or small – all the balls are made of soft plastic, making them hygienic and easy to keep clean. Baby develops their sense of touch, dexterity and motor coordination – all while having fun.

balle eveil rose 2787"Pink" rattle ball
Ref 2787
balles sensorielles coffret 2 2789Sensory ball "3-pack"
Ref 2789
balle eveil bleu 2786"Blue" rattle ball
Ref 2786
balle sensorielle verte 2795VE"Green" sensory ball
Ref 2795VE
balle sensorielle orange 2795OR"Orange" sensory ball
Ref 2795OR
balle sensorielle rose 2795RO"Pink" sensory ball
Ref 2795RO
balle sensorielle bleue 2795BL"Blue" sensory ball
Ref 2795BL
balle sensorielle phosphorescent 30025
"Phosphorescent" sensory ball
Ref 30025
hochets 30012
3 rattles
Ref 30012
coffret balles sensorielles bleues 30021
Pack of 3 "Blue" sensory balls
Ref 30021
coffret balles sensorielles roses 30022
Pack of 3 "Pink" sensories balls
Ref 30022
balle sensorielle violette 30017
"Purple" sensory ball
Ref 30017
balle bicolore 30018
"Bicolor" sensory ball
Ref 30018
balles sensorielles 30008
3 littles sensories balls
Ref 30008

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LUDI, French brand to JBM, child care and toy market specialist.
For child since birth to height years old.

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