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jeu eveil bleu


LUDI proposes little people very big... and very light! This is secret of its inflatable educational toys, with multiple textures and activities to develop the child’s senses and dexterity. They can be fastened and carried around everywhere (pushchair, car, etc.) and their spacious volume means that children feel strong... just like «big» people !

Education and play take on a whole new dimension !

"Jungle” gear game
Ref 30034
30031 cheval
Animals on castor
Ref 30031
"Owl" rattle
Ref 30032
balle eveil rose 2787"Pink" rattle ball
Ref 2787
balles sensorielles coffret 2 2789Sensory ball "3-pack"
Ref 2789
balle eveil bleu 2786"Blue" rattle ball
Ref 2786
balle sensorielle verte 2795VE"Green" sensory ball
Ref 2795VE
balle sensorielle orange 2795OR"Orange" sensory ball
Ref 2795OR
balle sensorielle rose 2795RO"Pink" sensory ball
Ref 2795RO
balle sensorielle bleue 2795BL"Blue" sensory ball
Ref 2795BL
balle sensorielle phosphorescent 30025
"Phosphorescent" sensory ball
Ref 30025
hochets 30012
3 rattles
Ref 30012
coffret balles sensorielles bleues 30021
Pack of 3 "Blue" sensory balls
Ref 30021
coffret balles sensorielles roses 30022
Pack of 3 "Pink" sensories balls
Ref 30022
balle sensorielle violette 30017
"Purple" sensory ball
Ref 30017
balle bicolore 30018
"Bicolor" sensory ball
Ref 30018
balles sensorielles 30008
3 littles sensories balls
Ref 30008
tube sensoriel 3446
Sensory tube
Ref 2851
baby roller chat 3451
Roller baby "Cat"
Ref 3451
baby roller 3452
Roller baby
Ref 3452
baby roller lapin 30005
"Rabbit" roller baby
Ref 30005
“Jungle” Fabric Baby Roller
Ref 30036
jeu de quilles chat 3450Baby bowling "Cat"
Ref 3450
jeu de quilles souples 3455Baby bowling "Animals"
Ref 3455
dalles animaux PM 1007Foam puzzle pieces with animals
Ref 1007
cubes magique lapin 30007
"Rabbit" magic cube
Ref 30007
tete de chat 2852Baby toy "Cat face"
Ref 2852
MAXI ours
Maxi "bear" cuddly toy
Ref 30020
balle eveil ours 30019
"Bear" rattle ball
Ref 30019
"Jungle” activity spiral
Ref 30035
"Jungle” educational activity mat
Ref 30037
“Jungle” fabric activity cube
Ref 30038
balle eveil tissu 30041
"Jungle” fabric activity ball
Ref 30041
balles de jeu assortiment mixte 2798"Assorted" game balls
Ref 2798
balles de jeu assortiment bleu 2794"Blue" Game balls
Ref 2794
balles de jeu assortiment rose 2793"Pink" game balls
Ref 2793
balles de jeu assortiment transparentes pastel 30016"Transparent" game balls
Ref 30016
balles de jeu assortiment rouge 30013"Red" game balls
Ref 30013
balles de jeu verte 30023"Green" game balls
Ref 30023

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LUDI, French brand to JBM, child care and toy market specialist.
For child since birth to height years old.

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