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Pop-up swimming "Beach" - Ref. 2202




Withe the pop-up swimming "Beach", parents can finally enjoy the beach with peace of mind!

Their child can have fun playing with the seawater right in front of them as they lie on their towels. Dig a hole in the sand to house the pool and the job is done ! Quick to set up and pack away, this unique toy comes with  fun accessories : 4 pickets fix the swimming pool to the sand and 9 inclusive toys. Light and compact when folded, it slips easily under the stroller and follows everywhere the family in his movements.
The little swimming pool, introduces child to the pleasure of the water and the beach!

logo patent LUDI patented since 2014 at the INPI.

For children aged 10 months and up.
9 inclusive toys and swimming pool.
Dimension : 72 x 72 x 10 cm.
Composition 100 % polyester.
Wipe clean with a damp cloth.
Be careful, never leave your child unattended.
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safety rouge
For optimal protection, protect your child from the sun (hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, clothing ...).
play bleu
Add some small bath toys of all colors to play the sprinkler!
tricks orange
To protect baby from sand, use the floor mat



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LUDI, French brand to JBM, child care and toy market specialist.
For child since birth to height years old.

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